biddaꞌnOften in the phrase way biddaꞌ, which may also mean “recklessly, without care, nonsensically.”Difference.Unu in kabayaan mu inumun? Way biddaꞌ, laung sin iban niya.What do you want to drink? It makes no difference, said her companion.Hinang way biddaꞌ in tau yan.That fellow works carelessly.Ayaw kaw magbichara way biddaꞌ bang nagdurungug hi Inaꞌ.Don’t talk nonsensically if Mother is listening.adjDifferent, distinct.Biddaꞌ in addat niya dayn ha katān anak ku.Her character is different from the rest of my children.vact/ag mag-.To treat (someone) differently (from others with a degree of inequality), deal unequally, be unequal.Diꞌ magbiddaꞌ in lasa sin inaꞌ ha manga anak niya.A mother’s love towards her children isn’t unequal.viact -um-.To become different, become distinct from.Middaꞌ in lupa mu dayn ha katān bang yan in badjuun mu.Your looks will become different from everyone else’s if you wear that dress.OV SYN.āg 1

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