pangayuꞌ(from ayuꞌ)vag m-, mag-; pat -un.To request, beg, ask for (something).Pangayuꞌ kaw sīn kan inaꞌ mu.Ask for money from your mother.Mangayuꞌ aku kaymu tabang.I’ll ask help of you.Nangayuꞌ siya hinang ha mayul.He requested the mayor to help him seek a job.Diꞌ aku magpangayuꞌ tabang kaniya.I don’t ask help from him.Unu in pangayuun mu kākuꞌ?What are you asking me to give you?Pangayuan ta kaw sīn kaniya.I’ll ask him for money to give to you.Cf.sukat

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