halhal1vact/pat mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -an.To protrude, hang out (as the tongue from exhaustion, heat, thirst).Manghalhal in dilaꞌ ta sin uhaw bang bihaꞌ ini way tubig.Our tongues will hang out from thirst when it’s like this with no water.2adj(With dilaꞌ) describing someone who is repeatedly taught something but who doesn’t obey or doesn’t learn (see matugas [tugas 2]).vact/pat -um-.(With dilaꞌ, to tell or teach someone something) repeatedly.Minsan humalhal in dilaꞌ mu maghinduꞌ ha bataꞌ yan diꞌ da magkahagad.Even if you repeatedly advise that child, he won’t take heed.

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