lutuꞌ1adjCooked.Lutuꞌ na ka in pagkaun?Is the food already cooked?vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To cook (something).Lutuun ta na bihaun in sapiꞌ.Let’s cook the beef now.Mahapun ku na hipalutuꞌ in ullang.I’ll have the shrimp cooked in the afternoon.Cf.adjaltugnaꞌnmaglulutuꞌA cook.2nA supply of provisions (as food or money).Pila in lutuꞌ mu pa iskul?How much money do they give you when you go to school?vag mag-, -um-.To take (something) as provisions.Subay kaw maglutuꞌ kakaun bang kaw tumulak.You should take provisions of food along on your trip.palutuꞌderv.nProvisions given for a trip, send-off gift.3adj(Of the colors red, green, blue, yellow) dark (also malutuꞌ).Bī kaw salbanꞌ pula malutuꞌ.Buy dark red thread.

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