sapatnQuickness, swiftness, rapidity, haste.Biyaꞌ kilat in sapat niya dumāgan.He runs with the swiftness of lightning.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become quick (in doing something).Lumugay sumapat da kaw magtayp.Eventually you will become quick in typing.vpat -un.To do (something) quickly, speedily, quicken or hurry (an action).Sapatun ta in panaw ta bat kita makaabut sin lansa.Let’s quicken our pace so that we can reach the launch (on time).Ayaw pasapata in pagꞌitung mu bat kaw diꞌ malawng.Don’t hurry your counting so you won’t make a mistake.adjmasapatFast, speedy, swift, rapid, snappy.Masapat siya maghinang ha lawm bāy.She is a fast worker in the house.Cf.biskayamutsiglaꞌkasay 1samutalistu

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