ingkiꞌvTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.Usu. rdp.To walk with only one foot on the ground, hop on one leg.Ingkiꞌ kaw kunuꞌ dayn dī madtu pa bāy.You hop from here to the house.Ingkiun ta dayn dī harap pa bāy.Let’s hop from here to the house.ningkiꞌ-ingkiꞌHopscotch (a children’s game).Three consecutive squares are drawn on the ground with a half-moon shape drawn at the end opposite the starting point. Players [usu. two or three girls] hop on each box except where the pamātuꞌ is lying. The pamātuꞌ is either a flat stone or a piece of broken chinaware.

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