larakadjPartially destroyed, (as of a house, chair, or fence).Larak in hagdan nila.Their stairs are partially destroyed.vtag mag-; pat -un.To destroy a part of (something); dismantle the parts (of something, as a machine); destroy (one’s reputation, one’s religious observance, etc.).Subay larakun in makina yan bang mu dayawun.You’ve got to dismantle the parts of that machine if you want to fix it.vipat ma-.(For a house, chair, machine, one’s reputation, etc.) to be destroyed, dismantled.Nalarak in bāy nila sin badju.Their house was destroyed by a typhoon.Nalarak na in pangandul sin tau kaniya pasal sin dusa nahinang niya.People’s trust in him has been destroyed because of the crime he committed.OV SYN.langkatCf.lubukangiꞌ*lapnas

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