kullusgimb.kuꞌlusvar.*kūs1adjWithered.Bukun na marayaw bang in mampallam kullus na.It’s not good if the mangoes are withered.vact/pat -um-.To wither; (for a swelling or bump) to subside; (for a person or animal) to lose weight; (for a tire, balloon, etc.) to lose air (and so get smaller).Subay na kumullus in hubag ampa ta larutan in ipun mu.The swelling should subside and then we can pull your tooth.Diꞌ kaw kumullus bang bihān in basag mu kumaun.You won’t lose weight if you keep on eating that much.OV SYN.kuppus2vact mang-.To feel ill at ease or embarrassed.Aku in mangullus bang siya magpaandig sin pasal sin dalas sin pagkaun.I am the one embarrassed if she insinuated about wasting the food.

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