patay1nA dead body (of a human or animal).Pila in taud sin patay naitung mu?How many dead bodies have you counted?Cf.bangkaymayatadj(Of an animate object) dead.Patay na in amaꞌ niya.His father is dead.vtag mang-; pat -un.To kill (someone).Siya in mamatay ha gubnul.He will kill the governor.Piyatay niya in nakabunuꞌ ha amaꞌ niya.He killed (the person) who murdered his father.viag -um-.To die.Matay kaw bang kaw diꞌ magpaubat.You’ll die if you don’t seek medical treatment.Lillaꞌ aku matay bang pasal mu.I’m more than willing to die for your sake.Cf.*marihang*lindung*wapat*maruhumvtag mag-.To kill (reciprocally).Lānga in manga tau magkālu bat sila diꞌ magpatay.Stop the people who are quarreling so that they won’t kill each other.Cf.bunuꞌmatayderv.vTo wail as in mourning or lamentation.2.1vpat -un.To shut or turn off (an engine, light, water tap, radio).Pataya in ilaw.Turn off the light.Piyatay niya in makina sin jip.He turned off the jeep’s engine.Cf.pūng2.2vi(For something) to come to an end (as if being killed, deadened).Miyatay na in bayaꞌ ku kaniya.My affection for him has died.OV SYN.lawaꞌ2 2.3adjpatay-pataySlow, lacking vigor and enthusiasm to act or do (something); sluggish, inactive, indisposed to exertion, slothful.Bang kaw patay-patay wayruun kasūngan mu.If you’re so slow and inactive you won’t amount to anything.Ayaw kaw magkawaꞌ sin tau patay-patay maghinang.Don’t hire a slothful person.Cf.lallayluming3vag -um-.(To do something) intensely, earnestly or persistently (in an attempt to achieve or gain something).Matay na siya magꞌusaha saꞌ way da matawꞌ niya minsan hambuuk sīn.He works extremely hard to earn money, but he can’t save a single cent.Matay na kaw mamayaꞌ-mayaꞌ kaniya saꞌ diꞌ da siya mayaꞌ kaymu.You are persistently courting her, but she’ll never fall for you.Cf.tuyuꞌ4adjpiyapatay(Of water) boiled.Tubig piyapatay in pagꞌinumun namuꞌ.We drink boiled water.5adj(Of an excuse [daawa]) flimsy, ineffectual.Ayaw kaw magdungug sin daawa patay.Don’t listen to flimsy excuses.

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