saraꞌ1nLaws, rules, regulations.Pagmulkaan in lumanggal saraꞌ sin Tuhan.Wrath will fall on anyone who violates the laws of God.Subay ta agarun in saraꞌ sin parinta.We have to obey the governmental laws.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To bring (a case) to court, (for a judge) to settle (a case).Magsaraꞌ kita pasal sin altaꞌ ini.We have to bring the matter about the wealth to court.Saraun sin huwis in parkalaꞌ nila.The judge will settle their case.Cf.*salassay2vran ka-…an.To be agreeable to, be pleased.Diꞌ aku kasaraan sin hinang niya.I’m not pleased with his work.Baytai aku bang kaw diꞌ kasaraan sin addat ku.Tell me if you are not pleased with my behavior.Cf.amu1

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