saliꞌadjEqual, alike.Saliꞌ-saliꞌ in pagdā ku ha manga mulid ku.I give equal treatment to my pupils.Saliꞌ in badjuꞌ nila.Their dresses are alike.relLike, as.Saliꞌ siya agap bang missara.She talks like a parrot.vact mag-, -um-; pat -un.To be the same.Magsaliꞌ in palangay nila.Their characteristics are the same.Papagsaliun ku in pagꞌutud sin kātas.I’ll make my cutting of the papers the same (i.e., cut them all the same size).vpat -un.Often prefixed with papag-.To treat (someone) as (something).Saliun mu isab aku sin tau way panghāti.You’re treating me as a person with no understanding.vran -an.To copy (something), imitate (something).Bang ta salian in addat-tabiat sin manga nabi kalasahan tuud kita sin Tuhan.If we imitate the character and behavior of the prophets God will really love us.Cf.sibuꞌ

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