panaw1vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To walk, go on foot, go on a trip or journey.Panaw sadja kaw pa tabuꞌ.Just go on foot to the market.Diꞌ aku manaw bang kaw diꞌ magad.I’ll not walk if you won’t go with me.Panawun nila in mundu.They’ll go after the outlaw.Makajari na panawan in dān ini sampay pa tabuꞌ.It’s OK to walk on this road as far as the market.adjpamanawFond of roaming or rambling around.In tau pamanaw māhang pagkabākan ha bāy.A fellow who is fond of roaming around is seldom found at home.npanawanA place where (someone) goes.Diꞌ ku kaingatan bang harap pakain in panawan niya.I don’t know where the place he went is.npagpanaw-panawA journey, trip.Bang mān marayaw da in pagpanaw-panaw mu.I hope you have a good trip.papanawderv.nEnforcement (of a law or rule); (someone’s) intention; (someone’s) life or course of action.2npagpanaw-panawThe journey to the afterworld.Bang matay in tau nagtataat pa Tuhan marayaw in pagpanaw-panaw niya.When a godly man dies he’ll have a peaceful journey to the next world.

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