tuyuꞌnZeal, earnestness.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To be earnest, zealous in doing something; strive hard (for something).Tuyuꞌ kaw magꞌiskul bat tumaas in pangadjiꞌ mu.Be earnest in your studies so that you’ll obtain a higher education.Bang mu pagtuyuan tuud makawaꞌ in kabayaan mu makawaꞌ mu sadja.If you strive hard to get what you want you’ll get it.adjmatuyuꞌSeriously interested and enthusiastic (in doing something so as to obtain something desired), earnest, zealous.In tau matuyuꞌ ha hinang niya marayaw in sūngun niya.A man who is serious and enthusiastic about his work has a good prospect.Bang kaw matuyuꞌ mamayaꞌ-mayaꞌ kaniya maasawa mu siya.If you’re earnest in courting her, you’ll eventually marry her.OV SYN.tugul

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