lanasnThe period within which ripe fruits (like mango or durian) fall easily.Ha lawm hangka-pitu ini amuna in lanas hinug mampallam.It will be ripe mango fall period within this week.viaux ma-.For almost all or a great many (of the focused item) to fall or be affected as indicated by the verb (see examples).Nalanas in duyan kabii.A great many durian fell last night.Nalanas miyatay in manga kuminis ha Bitnam.A great many communists died in Vietnam.Nalanas in dahun sin kahuy yan.Almost all the leaves fell from that tree.Nalanas na in ipun ku sabab maas na aku.Almost all of my teeth have fallen out because I’m old.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For an agent [as a person, wind, or fire]) to cause all, almost all, or a great many (of the focused item) to fall or affect them as indicated by the verb.Lanasun ta na in bunga sin mampallam pādpād usibaan sin kabataan.Let’s harvest all the fruit on the mango tree rather than let the children damage it.Liyanas sin manga mundu piyatay in pasahiru ha taas tarak.The outlaws killed almost all the passengers on the bus.Cf.ayas*ambat 1

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