tanug1nThe volume (of a sound or voice).Biyaꞌdiin in tanug sin radiyu niyu?How’s the volume of your radio?adjmatanugLoud.Matanug in tingug niya.Her voice is loud.viST pat -um-.To become louder, (for the volume of a sound) to increase.Subay mu patanugun in tingug bat ku karungugan.You’ve got to make your voice louder so I can hear.Ayaw kaw magpatanug sin radyu, awn natutūg.Don’t increase the volume of your radio. Somebody is sleeping.vtCV 1 pat hi-.To make (something) known, proclaim, announce, publish (something) publicly.Subay hitanug in pagtunang sin manga anak ta.We must announce publicly the engagement of our children.OV SYN.mahalayak2adjFamous, well-known.Tanug in ngan hi Jose Rizal ha katilingkal sin dunya.Jose Rizal is famous throughout the world.OV SYN.tanyagbantug 1

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