sippunvar.siꞌpunsipunn(Nose) mucous.In tandaꞌ sin iyuulapay kaw awn sippun ha lawm ilung mu.The evidence that you have a cold is that there is mucous in your nose.viST pat -un.To develop a stuffy nose.Bang adlaw-adlaw iyuulanan in tau in guwaꞌ niya sippunun siya.If a person is rained on every day, in the end he will develop a stuffy nose.vtag mag-, mang-.To throw away nose mucous.adjsippunanHaving a stuffy nose.Diꞌ siya makanapas marayaw sabab sippunan siya.He can’t breathe well because he has a stuffy nose.OV SYN.tayꞌ ilungcomp.tayꞌCf.*sungaulapay

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