batukvag mag-; ran ka-…-an.To look for and find (something hidden or someone hiding), discover (something) unknown.Batuka in piyagtapukan niya sin jawm.Look for and find the place where she hid the needle.Wayruun pa tau nakabatuk sin ubat sin sakit yan.No one has discovered the cure for that disease yet.Kiyabatukan ku na bang unu in kangiꞌ sin makina.I found out now what’s wrong with the sewing machine.OV SYN.lawag 1*baakvrdp. ag mag-.To play hide and seek.Ayaw magbatuk-batuk bang dūm bat kamu diꞌ hitapuk sin kukuk.Don’t play hide and seek at night or the kukuk will take you away and hide you.

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