asal1advOf course, surely, really, indeed; by nature; already.Used of an inherent, basic or original state or quality of something, about something already existing or happening.Asal siya diꞌ mabayaꞌ kaymu.Of course she doesn’t like you.Asal sa yan diꞌ mamaytaꞌ sin bunnal kaymu.Surely, he won’t tell you the truth.Asal putingan in tau yan.That man is really a liar.Asal siya diꞌ magkakaybaꞌ.She’s quiet by nature.Asal aku dī na pagkari niya.I was already here when he came.Asal gisiꞌ in būk pagbūs ku dayn kaniya.The book was already torn when I borrowed it from her.OV SYN.kariasali

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