amānAnger, indignation, resentment.Narā in tau yaun sin amā niya.That fellow is influenced by his anger.vran -an.To be angry with (someone).Maytaꞌ kaw amāhan kākuꞌ sin way aku nagꞌunu kaymu?Why are you angry with me when I didn’t do anything wrong to you?Ayaw paamāha hi Inaꞌ bat kita diꞌ kalubakan.Don’t provoke Mother to get angry; she might spank us.vAR ag mag-; ran ka-…-an, pag-…-an.To scold (someone) angrily.Diꞌ magꞌamā in inaꞌ mu bang way dusa mu.Your mother won’t scold you angrily if you have not done something wrong.Maytaꞌ kaw pagꞌamāhan sin mastal bang way dusa mu?Why should the teacher scold you angrily when you are not at fault?Ikaw in kaamāhan niya bang kaw lumamud sin pagkālu nila.You’ll be scolded angrily by her if you meddle with their quarrel.vrdp. ag mag-.To pretend to be angry.Nagꞌamā-amā sa yan bat mu siya diꞌ maraak.She is just pretending to be angry so you won’t ask her to do an errand.OV SYN.astulagut1 dugalbunsibungis

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