bicharavar.bissarabitsara1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un, hi-; goal -an.To speak, say (something), talk about (something).Bichara na kaw sin kabayaan mu.Speak out what you want to say.Unu in hibichara mu kākuꞌ?What are you going to say to me?Piyagbicharahan sin manga kunsihal in pagpalingkat sin daira.The counselors were talking about the beautification of the town.Bicharahun ta in hikahatul sin hulaꞌ ta.Let’s talk about things that can bring peace to our place.Ayaw kaw magbichara sin makakangiꞌ atay sin tau.Don’t speak of things that hurt another person’s feelings.OV SYN.hilalaunganderv.laung1 kabtanganlapal2vgoal -an.To persuade, convince (someone); speak to (someone with some purpose in mind), sweet-talk.Bicharahan ku siya bat diꞌ magad pa gimba.I’ll persuade him not to go to the interior.Bīcharahan niya aku magad kaniya.He sweet-talked me into going along with him.

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