sakit1nA sickness, illness, pain, soreness, ache.Pakitaan ha duktur bang unu in sakit niya.Take him to the doctor to see what his sickness is.8: DiseasesvST pat -um-, mag-.To become painful, sore.Ayaw kaw maglingkud malugay bat diꞌ sumakit in taykud mu.Don’t sit for a long time so your back won’t become painful.vpat magka-.To develop a sickness, get sick.Magkasakit in manuk bang pangulan.Chickens get sick in the rainy season.adjmasakitPainful, sore.Masakit in ū ku.My head aches.Cf.hapdusbisa2adjmasakit(With atay) bitter against, hateful (toward someone). (see sakit atay)Maytaꞌ masakit in atay mu ha usug yan?Why are you bitter against that boy?

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