tapusn(With bulan) the end.Maggadji kami ha tapus bulan.We’ll receive our salary at the end of the month.vpat ma-; goal -un; ran -an.To reach the end or limit (of one’s kindness, advice or counsel), interrogate exhaustively.Natapus aku naghinduꞌ ha anak ku saꞌ diꞌ magkahagad.I’ve given my son all the advice that I can but he won’t listen to me.Tapusun ku in dayaw ku kaymu.I’ll reach the end of my kindness to you.Tapusi in tau yan bat mamaytaꞌ sin bunnal.Interrogate that man exhaustively so he’ll tell you the truth.Cf.ubustangbustubtub 1*jangkaꞌhinapusan

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