pīꞌ1vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To choose, select, pick out, discriminate, decide.Pīꞌ na kaw sin kamatis kabayaan mu.Pick out the tomatoes you want.Ikaw na in magpīꞌ sin kabayaan mu.You make your choice.Diꞌ siya magpīꞌ tau.He doesn’t discriminate between people.Pīꞌ na kaw bang unu in hinangun ta.Decide on what we are going to do.Pīan ta kaw sin hinug kapaya.I’ll pick out a ripe papaya for you.adjmapīꞌChoosy, fastidious, hard to please, discriminating.Mapīꞌ siya ha pagkaun.She is a fastidious eater.2vag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To remove unhusked rice or other particles (from cooking rice).Pīan ku na in bugas bat matugnaꞌ.I’ll remove the unhusked rice from the cooking rice so we can cook it.

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