halinnDeterioration, change (always with negative way).Way pa halin sin makina ini, baꞌgu pa.There is still no deterioration in this sewing machine (i.e., it’s undamaged), it’s still new.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To change, alter, or damage (something).Ayaw halina in unu-unu na kiyabutang ha lawm sulat.Don’t alter anything in that letter.vipat ma-, magka-.(With negative) to remain the same, intact, unaffected, undamaged or unaltered.Minsan siya magpalingkat way da nahalin in dagbus niya.Even though she beautifies herself, she still looks the same.Diꞌ da aku mahalin minsan niyu aku diꞌ bagayun.I won’t be affected anyway, even if you won’t befriend me.OV SYN.hagin

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