hinapusan(from tapus)adjAt the end, final, last.Siya in hinapusan piyatawag sin mayul.She was the last one called by the mayor.nEnd, conclusion.Adlaw ini in hinapusan sin paghukum sin parakalaꞌ nila.Today is the conclusion of the trial of their case.Awn hinapusan sin unu-unu katān.Everything has an end.nkahinapusanEnd, conclusion, finale, consummation.Ini in kahinapusan kalangan.This song is the finale.Biyaꞌ way kahinapusan sin hinang mu yan.It seems like there’s no end to your work.Awn kahinapusan sin pagbagay sin hulaꞌ ta iban sin manga Milikan.There’s an end to the friendly relation between our country and the Americans.Cf.*huliduhultapustubtub 1

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