lummiꞌ1nDirt, filth.Dakdaki in badjuꞌ mu bat maīg in lummiꞌ.Wash your dress to get rid of the dirt.adjmalummiꞌDirty, filthy.Malummiꞌ in tabuꞌ.The market is dirty.vtag mag-; ran -an.To get (something) dirty.Ayaw kamu maglummiꞌ dī ha bilik ini.Don’t get this room dirty.viST pat -um-; ran ka-…-an.To become dirty.Kalummian in tawmpaꞌ mu bang mu hipanaw ha pisak.Your shoes will get dirty if you walk in the mud.Cf.tamak 12vran ka-…-an.To feel nauseated (at the sight of something dirty or ritually unclean).Lumummiꞌ kaw bang mu kītaꞌ in litsun babuy.You would have felt nauseated if you had seen the roasted pig.

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