timpangadjIrregular in size or form, deformed, crooked, unequally proportioned.Timpang in bayhuꞌ niya.His face is deformed.Timpang in paggunting sin buhuk mu.The cutting of your hair was crooked.Timpang in pagtapis mu.The wrapping of your sarong is unequally proportioned (i.e., not the same length all around).vST pat ma-.To be or become deformed, misproportioned, or (of objects) uneven (in size or form).Sukura naa katān in habaꞌ sin digpiꞌ bat diꞌ magtimpang.Measure first the length of all the boards so (the shape) won’t become uneven.OV SYN.kibiꞌ 1bingkuk 1

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