hayang1nSpaciousness.In hayang paghulaan sin bāy dakulaꞌ!The spaciousness of a big house for living in (i.e., how spacious it is to live in…)!vST pat -um-, mag-.To become roomy or spacious.Cf.luagvpat pa-…-un.To dry something by air (as wet clothes).Pahayanga ha lawm in diyakdakan gana-gana umulan.Dry the wet clothes inside, it might rain.OV SYN.buwadadjmahayangSpacious, roomy (as a room); fresh, cool (as a veranda, porch, seaside).In bilik siyukayan namuꞌ mahayang.The room we rented is spacious.2nFreedom from trouble, difficulty, or worry.vST pat -um-.To be or become free from trouble or anxiety.Humayang in pagnapas mu bang dumatung na in gadji mu.You’ll be free from anxiety when your salary arrives.adjmahayangFree from trouble, difficulty, or worry.Mahayang in pagꞌusaha ta bihaun.Our business is free from difficulty now.vrdp. ag magpa-.To relax, take a break, refresh.Magpahayang-hayang siya bat marayꞌ na in tīs.He is relaxing a little because he’ll soon have his test.

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