tungud2nThat which is paid off, return, recompense, repayment, requital, reward.Subay awn tungud sin sangsaꞌ sin tau naghinang kaymu.There should be a return (i.e., you should give something in return) for the service a person has rendered you.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be commensurate; reward, requite, make commensurate repayment.Subay magtungud in gadji iban hinang sin tau.A person’s wage should be commensurate to his work.Papagtungurun sin Tuhan in tungbas sin ngiꞌ dayaw sin mānusiyaꞌ.God makes his reward commensurate with man’s evil or good (deeds).Tunguran ku kaymu pila-pila na in kiyabī mu sin badjuꞌ ini.I’ll make commensurate repayment for whatever you’ve paid for this dress.OV SYN.tungbasCf.bayad

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