unud1nFlesh, meat, substance.In unud sin tau biyaꞌ da dagbus sin unud sapiꞌ.The flesh of people looks like the flesh of beef.vST pat mag-, -um-.To develop flesh or substance.Bang magꞌunud na in panggiꞌ subay na kaliun.When the cassava root develops substance it should be dug up.adjmaunudFleshy, having substance, fat.Maunud in manuk binī mu.You bought a fat chicken.Cf.tambuksubuk2nThe quality (of fabrics).Marayaw in unud sin kakanaꞌ ini.The quality of this cloth is good.3nA blood relative.Diꞌ aku makatawakkal mamunuꞌ sin unud ku.I don’t dare to kill my blood relative.SYN.duguꞌ 24n(With bichara) the suggested or implicit meaning of something said (that should not be plainly expressed due to courtesy or decency).Awn unud sin bichara niya.There’s an implicit meaning to what he said.

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