kuraꞌ1nA horse.Malingkat in kuraꞌ sin sultan.The horse of the king is beautiful.vag mang-, -um-; ran -an, pang-…-an.To ride (on the back of a horse, cow, carabao, etc.).Manguraꞌ kita ha kuraꞌ-kuraꞌ.Let’s ride on a merry-go-round horse.Papanguraa aku ha taykud mu.Let me ride on your back.nkuraꞌ-kuraꞌA bench, hobbyhorse, merry-go-round.Masūb in manga bataꞌ-bataꞌ magꞌagad ha kuraꞌ-kuraꞌ.The children are fond of riding a merry-go-round.vrdp. TV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To crawl on all fours.Nagkuraꞌ-kuraꞌ in bataꞌ ha lantay.The child is crawling on the floor.Kuraꞌ-kuraun ta kunuꞌ madtu bang sila yaun pa.Let’s crawl and see if they are still there.2n(In chess) the knight.3n(Of engines) horsepower.Hangpuꞌ kuraꞌ in kusug sin makina niya.The power of his engine is ten horsepower.

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