buliꞌ1nBottom (esp. the anatomical part of the body [the buttocks], also of a can or pot); the rear end (of a bus or boat).Lingkud kaw ha ūan bat diꞌ sumakit in buliꞌ mu.Sit on the pillow so your buttocks won’t get sore.Butangan in luwan ha buliꞌ sin tarak.Put the luggage at the rear end of the truck.OV SYN.duhulvpat pa-…-un.To place something at the bottom.Subay pabuliun in manga labban mabuggat.You should place the heavy boxes at the bottom.2nA double meaning (of something spoken).Awn buliꞌ sin bichara niya.What he says has a double meaning.3vran -an.To say (something) soothing after saying (something) hurting (to someone’s feelings so as to avert any misunderstanding or hard feelings).Subay mu bulian in bichara mu bat siya diꞌ dugalan.You should say soothing words after what you just said so he won’t be angry.

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