ginhawa1nThe inner part of a person, spirit, the thinking, feeling part of a person (as distinguished from the body), mind, intellect.Bang kaw baldusa, asal mu na tantuha, ginhawa mu mabinasa duun ha adlaw kiyamat.If you’re a sinner it is certain that your spirit will suffer on the day of judgement.Binasa in ginhawa mu bang mataud in kasusahan mu.Your mind is troubled when you have lots of problems.Cf.nyawajasad2nDignity, self-esteem.Way ginhawa sin tau mangangakkal ha pagkahi niya.A man who inveterately deceives his fellowmen has no dignity.vag mag-.To have or behave with dignity.In tau yan naggiginhawa ha baran niya.That man behaves himself with dignity.Cf.martabbat

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