gumunadjEntwined, interwoven, entangled, intertwined.Diꞌ hikapagtahiꞌ bang gumun in tanud.If the thread is tangled it can’t be used for sewing.vtag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To tangle, entwine, interweave, intertwine (something).Ayaw gumuna in hapun sin bingit ku.Don’t tangle the string of my fishhook.vipat ma-.To be or become entangled.Magumun in bannang bang mu badbarun dayn ha gulungan niya.The string will become entangled if you take it off the spool.Cf.sagutgumun-buta/gumun-liluꞌcomp.viDisorderly, untidy, messy, topsy-turvy.Gumun-buta in lawm bilik niya.His room is messy.

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