*hulivag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To cause to be at the last, end, or rear.Magpahuli na aku kumaun.I will eat later.Pahulihun ku in paghugas sin manga anglit.I’ll put the washing of the pots last.vran ka-…-an.To be late.Hisiyu-siyu in kahulihan magꞌinrul awn multa niya.Whoever is late to enroll will be fined.nhulihan(See ulihan).adjmahuliLater, the last (part of something).Mahuli na yan piyakitaꞌ kāmuꞌ.That was shown to us later.Cf.hinapusantapusduhulhuling bataꞌcomp.adjThe young generation, the youth.In huling bataꞌ bihaun mahunit kahinduan.It is hard to teach the youth of today.

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