dāg11vag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -un.To climb (something, as a tree, a mountain or building, but not up the stairs to the house).Mangdāg sila lahing gana-gana.They will climb and get coconut in a little while.Dāgun ku in puntukan sin būd.I’ll climb to the top of the mountain.Dāg kaw pa taas niyug.Climb up the coconut tree.npangdarāgAn expert climber.Pangdarāg san hi Amaꞌ.Father is an expert climber.Cf.tukadsuladgaban 1sakat2npangdarāgA season of harvesting (a certain kind of fruit, coconuts) from trees.Pila pikul lahing in makawaꞌ niyu hangka-pangdarāg?How many piculs of coconut can you get at one harvesting?

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