hulaꞌ1.1nCountry, home, province, district.Hawnu in hulaꞌ niyu?What province do you come from?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To make one’s dwelling, reside.Hain kaw naghuhulaꞌ?Where do you live?Didtu na kami maghulaꞌ ha daira.We’ll reside in the city.nhulaanPlace of one’s residence, where one resides.Muwiꞌ na kita pa hulaan.Let’s go home to our place of residence.1.2nWeather.Diꞌ naa kami tumulak sabab mangiꞌ hulaꞌ.We will not travel yet because of bad weather.2vhulaꞌ-hulaꞌ ag mag-.To get married.Subay tutug in pamikil mu bang kaw nakapikil na maghulaꞌ-hulaꞌ.You should be stable when you’re already thinking of getting married.taga paghulaꞌcomp.adjMarried.

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