bulangnA (metal) spur put on fighting cocks, gaff.Taga lassun in bulang biyutang niya ha manuk.The spur he put on the cock has poison.Cf.tahudnbulanganA cockpit (for cockfighting).Mataud tau ha bulangan bang Ahad.Their are many people at the cockpit on Sundays.SYN.tarikvag mag-, mang-.To stage a cockfight.Matagi siya magbulang.He is fond of cockfighting.nmagbubulangA cockfighting enthusiast.In magbubulang masūb pa bulangan.A cockfight enthusiast loves to go to a cockpit.adjbubulang(With manuk) game(cock).Makusug lumupad in manuk bubulang.The gamecock is strong in flying.OV SYN.*takbiꞌ 1

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