labayvag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To go or pass by or through (a place), undergo or experience (something), let (something) pass or go by or through, (for time) to go by.Labay kamu dayn ha dān ini.Pass through this road.Labayun ku siya pa bāy nila.I’ll go by and see him at their house.Walaꞌ pa kami nakalabay gutum.We haven’t experienced famine yet.Limabay na in waktu sin pagꞌani.The season for harvesting (rice) went by.Diꞌ kami palabayun sin manga sundalu.The soldiers won’t let us go through.nlabayanRoad, route, passage, way or means of passing.Kitaa bang awn labayan sin tubig.See if there’s a way for the water to pass.nmaglalabayPassersby.Subay baytaan in maglalabay sin diꞌ na manjari lumabay dayn dī .We should tell the passersby that they can’t go through here anymore.Cf.hapit1timbay

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