lawm1.1nDepth, (as of the sea or a cut); the inside, interior of (something).Biyaꞌdiin in lawm sin dagat piyaglanguyan niyu?How deep was the ocean where you were swimming?Pīpinta in lawm sin bāy nila.The interior of their house is painted.Cf.luunnkalawmanThe uttermost depth, deepest spot.Yadtu sila namingit ha kalawman.They are fishing in the uttermost depth.adjmalawmDeep.Malawm in paliꞌ niya.He has a deep cut.viST pat -um-, mag-; ran -an.To become deeper.Tagaran ta lumawm in dagat ampa kita magsakayan.We’ll wait till the ocean deepens and then go out with the canoe.Palawma in pagkaliꞌ mu.Make your digging into the soil deeper.1.2nThe depth (of one’s thoughts).adjmalawm(Of one’s thoughts) deep, perceptive, keenly intuitive; (of words) hard to understand.Malawm in pamikil sin tau balꞌakkal.A wise man has deep thoughts.ANT.babaw 2.12nlawman(Someone’s) roof, home, care, protection, support and guidance (in the phrase ha lawman).Bang way pa paghulaꞌ mu subay kaw ha lawman sin maas mu.If you’re still unmarried you should remain under your parents’ roof.In bataꞌ yan limagguꞌ ha lawman namuꞌ.That child grew up in our home.3nThe seriousness (of a disease).adjmalawm(Of a disease) grave, serious.Subay kaw magpauspital sabab malawm in sakit mu.You should be hospitalized because your illness is serious.

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