gaus1nPower, means, strength, ability, capability.Way gaus ta pagpaiskul kaymu.We don’t have the means to send you to school.adjmakagausPowerful, strong, capable.Makagaus in tau pilakan.A rich man is powerful.vag mang-; ran -an.To afford to, be able, exercise one’s power or strength (to do something hard or difficult).Diꞌ ku kagausan in sukat nila.I can’t afford the dowry they asked.Gausan ku in pagpaiskul kaymu.I will try to (afford to) send you to school (and will succeed).Cf.kawasakusug 12vpat -un.To wrong, deceive, or kill (someone).Minsan bagay niya atawa kampung niya gausun niya da.He wrongs even his friends or relatives.

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