mata1.1nEye (as an organ of sight).vexp ka-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂.To see with the eyes.Subay mu na kamatahan in hinang niya ampa mu pagꞌamahan.You should see his work with your own eyes before becoming angry with him.1.2nmata-mataA spy.Mata-mata siya sin parinta.He is a government spy.Cf.malim2nAnything circular in shape that is essential to that in which it is contained (as a burner of a stove, the heart of a boil).Pila in kiyabī mu sin dapulan mu duwa mata?How much did you buy your two-burner stove for?3nThe holes of a sieve.ikug matacomp.nThe outer eyelid.piluk matacomp.nEyelash.putiꞌ mata1comp.nThe white of the eye.samin matacomp.nSpectacles, eyeglasses.takulaub matacomp.nThe socket in which the eyeball sits.upat matacomp.nA person with eyeglasses.putiꞌ mata2idiomnA coward (lit. white eye).

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