hakikanpaghakikaA sacrifice, a ritual slaughtering of a goat or cow performed sometime before puberty for a child.It is believed that the animal will testify in the afterlife that this child is actually the child of his parents. Without such a ritual the child would not recognize his parents in the afterlife.vag mag-; pat -un.To make such a sacrifice.Bang maghakika ha kāmuꞌ, hambuuk kambing, hangka-tau.When a sacrifice is made at our place, one goat is for one person.Subay hakikahun in bataꞌ.We should have a ritual sacrifice for the child.npaghakikahanThe thing sacrificed.Kambing atawa sapiꞌ in paghakikahan ha manga bataꞌ.A goat or a cow is what is sacrificed for the child.Cf.pagguntinggunting 2pagtimbangtimbang 1.2pagꞌislamislam 2kulban

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