sabil1nA person who died by committing parrang sabil.vag mag-; pat -un.To kill (someone, usu. a Christian or any non-Muslim) ritually (so as to avoid disgrace), run amok (due to disgrace to one’s honor or family).In nagsabil natimbak sin pulis.The person who ran amok was shot by the policeman.In Tausug magsabil bang masipug.A Tausug will kill ritually if he is put to shame.In bangsa Muslimin amu in namawgbug ha agama Islam mangaku minsan magsabil bang sila paagarun pa agama dugaing.Muslims who embrace Islam as a religion will take responsibility, even kill religiously if anyone attempts to convert them.OV SYN.bunuꞌCf.parrang2nA woman who died by fate on delivering a baby.

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