jari1relmanjariNow then, it came to pass (an expression important in discourse structure) (also jari or jari niya).Manjari dimatung in Sultan.Then the Sultan arrived.vpat mang-.To happen, come to pass; become, turn out (to be).Nanjari unu, in hīnang mu kahapun?What did that thing you were making yesterday turn out to be?vmakajarihanTo be sufficient to do a particular job, be enough.Makajarihan in kamatis ini?Are these tomatoes enough (for the recipe?)vaux maka-, mang-.To be able to (do something), be allowed to (do something).Makajari aku magad kaymu pa tabuꞌ?May I go with you to the market?Manjari na in manga tau bihaun magbissara pasal sin ngiꞌ sin parinta.People are now allowed to talk about the ills of the government.panjariderv.vTo create, cause to come into existence.2vag -um-; pat -un.To make use of (something).Bang mu jarihun in utak yan dāha.If you will make use of that bolo, take it.Diꞌ na jarihun sin iskul in manga būk ini.The school will no longer use these books.

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