sumpit1nSquirting, spurting.Diꞌ aku makatahan umatud sin sumpit sin duguꞌ dayn ha paliꞌ niya.I can’t endure seeing the spurting of the blood from his wound.viact mag-, -um-.(For a liquid) to squirt, (for a gas) to escape rapidly.Makusug sumumpit in tubig ha giripu.The water is strongly squirting from the pipe.Simumpit in duguꞌ dayn ha paliꞌ niya.The blood squirted from his wound.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To blow (something out with force), spray (a liquid).Yaun hi Hasan nagsusumpit pinta sin pagbubutangan niya būk.Hasan is there spraying paint over his bookshelf.Sumpiti lassun in jambangan sayul mu.Spray insecticide over your vegetable garden.OV SYN.pangsut2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To shoot (something) with a blowgun.Sumpitun ta in manuk-manuk.We’ll shoot the bird with a blowgun.nsumpitanAn instrument used for blowing a pointed missile (bawang) with the aid of a wad of kapuk or cotton, blowgun.Looks like the handle of a spear, long, straight, and hollow. Made of bamboo or a material with the same texture as bamboo. Has a sight at the end away from the mouth opening. Usu. wrapped securely all over with tiny rattan cords.Maghinang kita sumpitan hipanumpit manuk-manuk.We will make a blowgun to shoot birds with.

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