bunga11.1n(Any) fruit.Unu in bunga sin kahuy ini?What is the fruit of this tree?vact mag-.To bear fruit.Pilaa in kahuy diꞌ magbunga.Cut down the tree that doesn’t bear fruit.bungang-kahuycomp.nThe fruit of any tree.In nangkaꞌ diꞌ magbunga marang.sayingnLike produces like (lit. A jackfruit will not bear marang).1.2nThe immature nut of the areca palm tree (used in betel nut chewing).Way nanam sin mamaꞌ bang way bunga.The prepared betel nut chew has no taste if there is no immature areca palm nut.Cf.pula2mamaꞌ2nThe result or effect (of an action); fruit.vact/pat mag-.To have an effect or result, bring forth fruit.In hinang mangiꞌ diꞌ magbunga marayaw.Bad deeds don’t bear good fruit.bunga simudcomp.vThe subject of (people’s) bad talk.In hinang nila mangiꞌ amu na in bunga simud sin manga tau.Their wrongdoing became the subject of people’s bad talk.bunga hulascomp.vHeat rash.Makatul tuud in taykud ku sin bunga hulas.My back is really itchy because of heat rash.bunga paliꞌcomp.vScar.

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