tindug1.1vact/ag mag-, -um-.To be or remain in an upright position (supported on the feet, on its base, bottom, pedestal, etc.), stand (from a sitting, lying or crouching position), volunteer (to be a witness saksiꞌ).Tindug kaw.Stand up.Patinduga yan ha taas lamisahan.Stand that on top of the table.Makatindug bahibu in isturi yan.That story makes one’s hair stand on end.ntinduganThe place where (something) is standing.Cf.bangun1 vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To erect or construct (a building, etc.).Dī sila magpatindug bāy.They’ll construct a house here.OV SYN.hinang 1.11.2nA follower, supporter, servant.Siyaggaw sin manga sundalu in manga tindug sin mayul.The soldiers arrested the followers of the mayor.OV SYN.batāanpagkatautau 32vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To establish, institute or set up (something).Subay magpatindug parinta baꞌgu in Pilipinas.The Philippines should set up a new form of government.Hisiyu in nagpatindug sin agama Islam?Who instituted the Islamic religion?OV SYN.awn3vag mag-; ran -an.To maintain, defend, support (one’s opinion, viewpoint, adherence, etc.).Tindugi in pamung mu.Defend what you say.OV SYN.bawgbug

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