kilāgimb.kilal1.1nRecognition.In kilā ku in lansa ini kan Jul.I recognize this launch to be Jul’s.vag mang-, -um-; pat -un.To look at (something) in order to recognize it or see whose it is, identify (something).Kimilā sila mari sin manuk.They came here to see if the chicken was theirs.Kilāhun ku in patay yaun bang hisiyu.I will see who that corpse is.vag mag-; ran -an.To recognize (something) (ka-…-an), (for people) to be acquainted or familiar with each other (mag-).Magkilā kami kay Al-Shamir.Al-Shamir and I are acquainted with each other.Kakilāhan ku in tau miyari kaina.I recognize the fellow who came this morning.OV SYN.atudkitaꞌ 11.2vag mang-.To claim (something).Mangilā kaw sin bukun kaymu.You are claiming what is not yours.2vag mang-.To shy from (someone, esp. spoken of a baby).Mangilā in bataꞌ-bataꞌ kaymu sabab iyampa niya kaw kītaꞌ.The baby shies from you because it’s her first time to see you.

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