sampigLu.dampig1viact mag-, -um-.To come up against (something, as of a boat at a dock).Pasampiga in lansa pa jambatan.Cause the launch to go up against the pier.OV SYN.*dagsaꞌ 1vtpat hi-; ran -an.To put (something) up against (something else), put one’s side against (something).Hisampig ku in manga bangkuꞌ pa dingding.I will put the chairs up against the wall.Siyampig in lansa pa higad hunasan.The launch was put up against (i.e., drifted to) the shore where the tide was out.Sampigan ku in dingding ini.I’ll put my side against this wall.nsampiganThe place where something comes up against.Cf.sandig2adj(Of a person living in a place) having come from somewhere else.Hangkan siya ngiyanan tau sampig pasal sin dayn ha hulaꞌ dugaing siya.That’s why he’s called a person from somewhere else because he’s from a different place.

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